Who we are

It was the year 1942

The inspiration

The inspiration

specialized in the production of amaretti, our secret recipe inspires and motive us since 1942..
The raw materials

The raw materials

The raw materials, carefully selected, ensure the products’ quality and make them inimitable, like our soft Amaretti.
The customers are our number one priority

The customers are our number one priority

everyday we select and use the best raw materials, with the intent to indulge our customers’ palates.

A historic bakery

ocated in the historic centre of Alessandria, Rolando bakery offers to its customers an experience which is passed down through generations, preserving the atmosphere of an old-fashioned shop.


The raw materials, carefully slected, ensure the product’s quality and make them inimitable, like our soft Amaretti (during the winter also covered), elected excellent product.


Rolando bakery, specialized in soft Amaretti, is a historic bakery in Alessandria, which produces and sells in the short term chocolate cake with whipped cream or cake with fruit, truffle cakes, Baci di dama and biscuits.


During the summer of 2018 an idea was born, which after sacrifice and commitment turned into reality.

Want to join in?

Our future

Rolando bakery look to the future, planning and realizing the first of many partnership, and it is turning its shop into a friendly and homely cafeteria-bakery, focal point from which its products will be sent to different destinations, to Italy or Europe. We transform a dream into reality.

Our products

we are able to satisfy all our costumers with different tastes, which caracterise our desserts; using high-quality unpreserved raw material we create refined taste and delicate flavour.
Packed products last 30 days, at room temperature, without losing their refined almonds taste. Wrapped in paper or in boxes, can be combined with a good wine or with a lot of suff for every occasion, getting so a present idea.