Nothing describes us better than the desserts we eat

Gluten free & Vegan

Improve ourselves and experiment with new tastes, adapting them to modern-day, with specific products for coeliacs and vegan.


Almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and chocolate are the basis of many craft-products.

The raw materials

We make and personalize desserts, you can also find a good wine just for the occasion.

Rolando Bakery

our ability is to adapt the product to the needs of the customer: from the recipe to the packaging.
Amaretti biscuits and Baci di Dama (italian’s hazelnut cookies) for all tastes.
Specialized in Amaretti production, our secret recipe inspires and motivates us to improve ourselves and to test new tastes, adapting them to modern-day and to the different needs of our customers, since 1942.

An experience which is passed down

Rolando Bakery offers to the customers an experience which is passed down through generations.

Look to the future

Rolando bakery look to the future, planning and realizing the first of many partnership, and it is turning its shop into a friendly and homely cafeteria-bakery.

“Sweet sensations”